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Wednesday, April 24, 2019   /   by Greg Potts

Is it Worth the Effort to Appeal my Taxes?

Spring is here and that means it’s time to… well, it’s time to appeal your property taxes. Not everyone needs to do this, obviously, but there are plenty of people who should. Do you feel like your most recent tax assessment was pretty high? Alternatively, is your tax record (you can usually find these online through your county assessor’s office) stuffed with wrong information that could be affecting your tax bill?
We’ll help you get it figured out. Welcome to your introduction to appealing your property taxes.

Is it Worth the Effort to Appeal My Taxes?
Everyone has their own idea as to what their labor is worth, so jumping through all the hoops to appeal your property tax is a decision that only you can make. But if you live in a high tax state like New Jersey, Illinois or Texas, the new tax laws may be really hurting you with deductible property tax now capped at just $10,000.
The process can be very time consuming, so a few hundred dol ...

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019   /   by Greg Potts

2019 Homestead Tax Exemptions- How they save you money on your property tax's.

What it is and how to apply?


As a Texas homeowner, you probably qualify for a homestead exemption to lower your property tax bill.


Homestead Exemptions remove part of the value of your home from taxation.
Without Homestead Exemptions, homeowners pay taxes based on the appraised value of their homes, but exemptions lower the taxable value to the assessed value...then taxes are calculated on the lower amount. 
All residential homesteads are allowed a $25,000 exemption. Ages 65+ and disabled homeowners may qualify for an additional $10,000 school district tax exemption. Disabled Veterans and certain dependents may qualify for an additional exemp- tion of up to $12,000. 

In order to qualify, you must own your home and the property must be your primary residence on January 1st of the t ...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018   /   by Greg Potts

Weatherford Christmas On the Square

GS Realty Team will be hosting FREE Santa for pictures during Christmas on the Square with Weatherford Chamber of Commerce

Saturday December 1, 2018

210 York Ave, Downtown Weatherford just 3 doors north of 
Yesterdays Sandwich Shop

Come take YOUR OWN pictures with all your little darlings. There will be NO CHARGE for you to come take pictures. We will be hosting " Hearts Full Of Love " for any donations. They help the Homeless and less fortunate in Parker County. Their need this season is Sleeping bags, stretchy gloves, scarves, toboggans, chemical hand warmers (open and activate) and some food items (things that can be eaten uncooked or require refrigeration (canned meat, jerky, soup, pop tarts, crackers, nuts, oatmeal etc-- things you would take camping). They will also be available to accept cash for emergency shelters durning the winter.

Come take a pictures* with Santa for FREE and if you have any of the above items ...

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Thursday, October 18, 2018   /   by Greg Potts

Have you committed "CrapeMurder"?

How to Properly Prune Crap Myrtles and not commit "Crape Murder"

Crape Myrtles - Thin When Pruning, Do Not Top

Tis' the Season (beginning around October 15th) for Improper Pruning of Crape Myrtles to Begin. We want proper pruning, not improper pruning. Please think about how to prune and why you prune before pruning!
More crape myrtles are being pruned improperly than crape myrtles being pruned properly. Although the common practice of "topping" crape myrtles does not kill the tree, it can result in trees declining in health after years of improper pruning.

Improper pruning leads to wood decay. If a crape myrtle becomes too large for a certain location, either it was planted in the wrong spot in the landscape or the wrong variety was selected. In addition to flower color, select crape myrtles for size at maturity.
When pruning a crape myrtle, plants should be thinned, not topped. Remove branches that rub against each other. Prune out branches that cross each other ...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018   /   by Greg Potts

Best Practices for Closing your pool for the Winter!

When you bought the house with the pool, it looked like it was going to be all fun in the sun and splishin’ and-a splashin’, but now that the first signs of fall are appearing (the emergence of Pumpkin Spice signals just six more weeks of summer), it’s time to figure out how to protect that pool through the winter.
As you might imagine, a pool that freezes is a pool that’s got a pretty big problem. There’s a lot you can do to prevent this and ensure that your pool is a fun summer oasis for many years to come.
Before You Start Closing, Consider Your Climate
Depending on where you live, you may need to take further or lesser measures to protect your pool through the winter. Your goal, ultimately, is to keep that pool and its systems from experiencing any sort of freezing. A frozen pipe, a frozen filter, anything like that could be a very expensive replacement in the spring when you open your pool again.
If you know for a fact that it never gets bel ...

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